Sunday 21 February 2010

David Williamson Lecture Super Review

Here is a written review from Geoff Hunt:

The star of the whole convention was David many of the tricks and bits of business were what he normally does, but each time you see them they are a little different but just as entertaining. A lesson for us all, adapt to the situation but be entertaining.

He showed his Salt penetration, the terrific 5 card trick with new wrinkles, coins in pen and his classic top change and a well worth learning cut and restored rope effect.

Every time he lectures, He is full of fun and energy, a 5 Star performer played to a full house.

Marks for this lecture 11/10.


  1. Senseless blog with no relevant information...

  2. Would like to see more opinion and photos and less of how you had a great time, slept little and drank lots. Otherwise it is a laugh for a small group of people and of little relevance to the wider magic community.
    What was the general feeling about the conference? As good as last year? What were the highlights/lowlights? What was selling well in the Dealers Hall...was there a product that caused a buzz this year. Was Beat the Wand as chaotic as last year? Any great anecdotes from the great and good of magic as they relaxed in the Ruskin.
    Real reporting please.