Thursday 3 February 2011

Blackpool Magic Convention 2011

Blackpool Magic Convention 2011 is just around the corner now. So if you can't make the 2011 convention or just want to keep up to date with what's happening in the lectures you missed. You can do so by visiting we will see you there!

Monday 19 April 2010

Thank You and See you at Blackpool 2011

It's been a while since I have updated the blog. I would just like to thank this years bloggers that have worked hard on making this fun and informative blog. It takes up a lot of their time to film, edit and review the convention.

I would also like to thank Duncan Trillo for the support of the blog via his website

Finally... and most importantly Derek Lever and The Blackpool Magicians' Club for all the hard work they put in to organise the worlds best magic convention - Thank You.

I hope to meet more magicians at the Blackpool Magic Convention 2011. See you then, until then take care.

Matt Parro.

Tuesday 23 February 2010

THE VIDEO IS ONLINE & Step System Review


Young Max Curd has just written a huge review on Lee Smith's New 2 DVD that was released at Blackpool you can read it in the post of 'Product Reviews' Dealer Reviews.

Blackpool Magic Convention 2010 Blog Comedy Video

The Magic Bloggers this year look as if they will be producing 2 Comedy Videos (Well at least we hope they will be some what comical to you).

Magic Bloggers - THE MOVIE 2010

There were quite a lot of out takes on mine so I might make an out-takes video

The second will take slightly longer to produce and will be here soon....

Monday 22 February 2010


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A lot more has been updated... and yes more is on its way...

Continuous Updates

Updating a lot of the blog now... Keep checking back for new comments, photos and videos that we didn't have time to upload. Hope your enjoying the blog! - Matt

Gala Show and Final Thoughts

Sunday Night Gala Show and Final Thoughts in Text and Video.

Matt Parro Video Review:
See and hear Matt get interrupted a thousand times in his chat...

Stuart Harley Video Review:
Coming Soon...

Geoff Hunt Video Review:

Max Curd Video Review:

Matt Wainwright Text Review:

Best bits for me, anything David Williamson did
Q&A with the comediens and the illusionists
The close up sessions in the horseshoe arena
Cirque du magie
Beat the wand
Yigal Mesika lecture
Sessions in the Ruskin!

Items I'm looking forward to getting my teeth into from the dealers: Lee Smiths Step System, The Undercover Wallet from Workers Corner, An Extension Of Me DVD by Eric Jones. Great to actually meet the dealers face to face, and also learn even more from them in the Ruskin in the early hours.

The convention venue was great, a small improvement the organizers could make would be to have a slightly longer gap between the last lecture and the gala shows, this would be very helpful.

Overall I had a great first Blackpool, meeting new friends and catching up with old ones in the Ruskin, as well as all the dealers, lectures and shows.

Overall 8/10
Put me down for next year!
I'm off to bed now.....

Product Reviews - Dealer Reviews

What we saw in the dealers and what DVD's we will be watching and reviewing tonight!
This will be a big section...
Including the likes of Lee Smith, Gary Jones, Christopher Congreave, Liam Montier and Cameron Francais...

Exchange Rate Inc by Cameron Francis - BBM (Review by Matt Wainwright)

Firstly the DVD production is first class and is just what you expect from the Big Blind Media team.
Secondly its not a "one trick DVD" as some people are saying.
Yes the main effect is the name of the title, but there are SEVEN other effects including cards and other bill effects.
You also get to learn the $100 if you don't already know it.
That said here my thoughts on the main item, Exchange Rate Inc......
Cameron has obviously given this a lot of thought, and you can instantly tell it's been worked a lot as well.
The effect is a very visual signed coin & bill transposition. A signed coin is held at the finger tips and it visually transforms into a bill which was in your pocket. You (or the spectator) can fairly reach into your pocket and extract the signed coin. It's very clean. Everything can be examined at the end and there is even explanations using a signed coin AND signed bill handling, which is very cool. It's very simple in method but very powerful.
I personally will be happy using the basic effect, a spectators signed coin and a bill transposing.
Its great that you get various handling's including ending clean so they can examine the bill, remove the coin etc, I just don't think it will be necessary. Maybe I will after some performances, but right now I'm off to make this up and get cracking.
Which reminds me, to make the gimmick you will need some money of course, and a couple of other everyday items you will probably have in a drawer at home.
Its not expensive to make, and one done should last a long time.
I highly recommend this as it can be used in walkaround performances with no tables and it hits them hard with uncomplicated, visual magic.
At £15.99 it is very reasonably priced and can be purchased here:

We also learnt about a recently new website concept where you can watch streaming lectures and live lectures. This could be a great source for magicians if they want to see performances they can't attend:

Gary Jones Live - Lecture Vol. 1 (Review by Stu)
Firstly I’ll say after meeting Gary in the dealer hall and at the Ruskin, just what a nice guy he is, however that aside these reviews are unbiased. So onto the DVD, I’ll the negatives out of the way first; the filming quality isn’t great, it’s filmed at a magic club lecture and although it’s a two camera production you do miss some points due to the angles or someone’s head in the way, after the first couple of minutes of watching you tend to forget about it and just enjoy. And that’s the only negative as the content is fabulous, the routines are clever and range in ability so there is something for everyone. Routine include cards, coins, sponge balls, rings & mental stuff, so you will all be happy. £20 available here.

Gary Jones & Christopher Congreave - Flying Tonight (Review by Stu)
The filming quality is much better on this, and the DVD gives you a good selections of coins across routines to choose from. It also covers lots of moves in good detail. The routines include stuff with & without any gimmicks as well as most leaving you clean at the end and instant reset. If you don’t have a coins across routine you need this DVD, even if you do then you’ll learn some cool additions and moves from this too. £15 available here.

Lee Smith's STEP SYSTEM (simple tricks extraordinary power) DVD Review. Producted by RSVP Magic. (Reviewed by Max)

Welcome to the "The step System" the brand new two disc set from UK magician Lee Smith. So, what is "The System"? Well, it stands for Simple Tricks Extraordinary Power and proves that You can get fantastic reactions and make a great living performing effects that really are simple to do. The reaction on these DVD's prove it!

Lee Smith has been a good friend of mine for around a year now and I have really enjoyed every time we have met up and chatted and stuff. Lee is a professional full time close up magician and has had a lot of experience in the real world.
His DVD's have been shot in front of real spectators so no L&L studio performing in front of fake audiences. (I'm not saying L&L productions are bad but using them to make what I’m writing easier to understand).
Now because I’m a mate of Lee I’m not going to say everything’s amazing and buy the DVD I’m going to give my honest which I’m sure is best and what Lee would want.

Step System volume 1:

Ice Breaker
Lee’s 3 Phase opening routine. Cards jump from hand to hand, vanish and appear in impossible places! Included is an in depth discussion on character types for different audiences, approach and much, much more.

I really like this routine because it is very well structured in that it seems to laymen to get better at each phase. This trick is a great ice breaker and a nice opening trick.

Walkaround 2 Cards to Pocket
Two cards are lost in the deck, then found and then they swap places. Snappy, fast and a real attention grabber. Utilizes the Ollie Mealing ‘Switch Trick’, one of the best glimpses ever! Worth the price of the DVD!

This is a nice version of the classic card to pocket routine because it involves two spectators which is good because if you’re a professional you will know the more people you involve in your tricks the better reactions you will get. Also it has a transposition of the two chosen cards in it which just enhances the trick loads.

One of Lee’s signature tricks being explained for the first time. An awesome routine in which a card jumps under the card box not once but twice and even escapes a spectator’s hand. A third phase ends with the ENTIRE DECK UNDER THE BOX. Best of all its easy to do!

This is a nice card under box routine but again what makes it great is that a traditional card under box routine would be done with one card but Lee goes a step further and uses two selections and I think it’s a really nice effect.

You Keep Mine
A superb multi-phase routine that ends with the spectators signature jumping from their card to one that has your business details on the back. The perfect giveaway that’s sure to get you more bookings.

I think it’s a great routine because the kicker at the end is amazing to laymen and the fact that you can hand it out and it has your details on it is great.

Bold Business
An amazing feat of mind power. Leave the spectator thinking you really can read minds! A miracle using nothing more than a marker pen and some business cards (again worth the DVD).

This one is a great impromptu bit of mentalism and the fact that it's using your business card which you can handout at the end it makes it a good business card handout trick.

Third Degree
Three cards are chosen, one even imagined. All three are revealed in progressively harder ways until the magician reveals that the thought of card has been in their hands right from the start. A masterpiece of audience management and psychology. his

This is a lovely effect and has a real hands off feel about it. This one I will definitely be adding to my repertoire. A great way to sell yourself as a real master of your art.

All of the tricks on this DVD are great, very commercial and practical. My favourite trick would have to be Third Degree.

Step System volume 2:

Just Think
You predict a card that the spectator merely thinks of and repeat the feat for an amazing kicker ending.

This is a great trick inspired from a routine by David Willimason called "Cocktale Dazzlers" on his DVD "Magic Farm". Like me because Lee is left handed he had some trouble with performing the trick but has come up with a nice alternative which allows him to do his take on the first phase of David's routine.

Business Lunch
Lee’s preferred handling for the Out to Lunch principle, leaving the spectator with the best memento they could have, your business card. The ultimate giveaway routine that’s sure to leave a lasting impression with your audience.

Another fantastic trick were Lee has taken an old classic and put a twist on it and made it much better. Again you give your card out at the end so it’s a nice business card handout trick.

Key To Amazement
A self-working miracle where a thought of card is found under seemingly impossible conditions. This will freak out magicians and lay people alike!

This is a nice little clever routine because it seems so impossible and the best part about it is the its self working!

Crazy Cuffs
A classic of magic explained. A borrowed ring jumps onto the band for a kicker ending.

A nice classic of magic with a nice touch of Lee Smith.

Coming Together
A performance only of Paul Green’s wonderful effect where two signatures end up on the same card. If you like Anniversary Waltz you will love this. Watch Lee’s take on this for Walkaround performances.

A very nice adaption to Paul Green's great effect, nice thing about it is if you already do anniversary you will know most versions you need a gimmicked card but with Lee Smith's adaptation to Paul Green's effect you don’t need any gimmicked cards so its impromptu. I think i will be adding this to my repertoire!

Fifth Element
Lee’s take on Paul Harris’ ‘Whack My Pack’ plot. Sure-Fire and plays great to the largest of groups.

This one is great, Lee showed me it before he realised his DVD's at Blackpool this year and I totally loved it, such a nice effect and very direct. This is one that you will use.

A brand new four ace routine, released here for the very first time! This is a multi-phase routine that you will learn and use!

A fantastic trick which has many different parts to it which on a whole makes it a really cool trick and I can imagine it will play very big to a large audience if you are doing walkaround or table hopping.

Strike Two
taking an old classic and bringing it right up-to-date, watch as Lee gets screams and gasps with this multi-phase lighter routine explained in complete detail. Another routine that you WILL USE!

This one in my opinion is worth the price of both DVD's alone. I have watched Lee perform it live to real people and it packs small, plays big. It is something you are going to add to you repertoire without a shadow of a doubt. It’s so simple yet so affective.

Okay basically im just going to quickly sum it all up and give my final thoughts now.
Lee's DVD was aimed at the sort of beginner magician that wanted to go out into the real world but was not confident enough to do so, i would just like to say although the material on the DVD was aimed at sort of beginners all of it can be used by the professional magician because the material is so strong, direct and commercial.
I am very happy with my purchase (Lee will that funny lol) and i could recommend it to any magician of any standard. Also I would just like to say that Russ Stevens did a superb job at filming it and Ravi Mayar as assisting Lee throughout the explanations.

It's a 10/10 * from myself Max Curd and if you like what you heard visit

Sunday 21 February 2010

David Williamson Lecture Super Review

Here is a written review from Geoff Hunt:

The star of the whole convention was David many of the tricks and bits of business were what he normally does, but each time you see them they are a little different but just as entertaining. A lesson for us all, adapt to the situation but be entertaining.

He showed his Salt penetration, the terrific 5 card trick with new wrinkles, coins in pen and his classic top change and a well worth learning cut and restored rope effect.

Every time he lectures, He is full of fun and energy, a 5 Star performer played to a full house.

Marks for this lecture 11/10.

Yigal Mesika Lecture

Yigal is awesome! I had the pleasure of meeting this guy and he has a great magic mind and is a very nice guy. Orin who was working on his stand was also a great guy and meeting them both was a highlight of the convention for me.

Ed Ellis Lecture

Max Curd's review is coming soon... But until then here's a photo...

Banachek Lecture and An Audience with "The Illusionists"

Banachek lecture: I was really looking forward to see Steve Banachek at this years convention but after his performance in the Cirque Du Magie I was very disappointed. Would I like to see him perform live again, I'm not so sure, Would I buy his DVDs? (Again) Yes I probably would, I think he has a great knowledge of magic, so he knows what he's talking about.

Geoff Hunt Reviews An Audience with "The Illusionists":
Franz Harary, Russ Stevens, Rafael, Danny Hunt (No Relation).

Hank Morehouse was the compare and quiz master, the introductions were left a lot to be desired. Sitting near the front as one does, the microphones were very muffled with too much bass difficult to hear at times.

The illusionists discussed their first illusion and how they got into magic. A short film clip of Franz achievements. How they all saw magic evolving in the future.

Rafeal destroyed a floating table in his explanation of copying and intellectual property.A lengthy talk developed into the size of magic acts of shows in the future. A great deal of laughter was generated when one of the illusionist suggested size didn't mater. Was he trying to tell us something, an hours great entertainment.

The bloggers wish them well. G.H. 7/10.

Sunday Running Order

Cirque Du Magie

This was excelent, we first saw David Kapalan juggling a bowling ball, next was Clive Webb & Co decorating the stage (and front row), then Banachek read our minds, David Williamson brought back his old friend Rocky to see us and was very entertaining, last was David & Dania who were stunning as usual. An amazing show!

Matt Parro comment: This was a good show luckily I had a chance to have a chat with David Kaplin, Who is a great guy very polite, funny and has time for you, which is always nice. His act is very original and very funny and I'm lucky enough have seen it twice now in the last couple of years.

David Williamson = Class - He is such a pro that when he's on stage looks as if this is where he pitches up his tent and sleeps because he's very much at home up there.

The rest of the acts were of a high standard in this show and Dania even forced a smile on stage unlike in their lecture!


Intercontinental Magic Championships

This was a show of two halfs.

The first half was the competition, which included; Dave Allen & Carl Charlsworth with private eye/film noir style act. Next was Jung Min Lee with a manipluation act styled with drums. Then Hyung Joom Kim performed a nice manipluation act. Following on from him was Mist who were an illusionist couple. Then last was Sandro Rivoli who started with manipulations then went into the audience for far too long and over acted to a rope routine. The results were; in third came Sandro, second Jung Min then first Hyung.

Our individual scores were;
Dave: G=8, S=6, M=5
Jung: G=9, S=8, M=8
Hyung: G=9, S=9, M=7.5
Mist: G=6, S=6, M=7
Sandro: G=7, S=4, M=2

Henry Evans Lecture

David & Dania Lecture - Video Review

An Audience with "The Comedians" Video Review

Mr. Tango lecture

This was unfortunately not as good as I had hoped. Tango's lecture was all based on his new gaffed coin the T.U.C - The Ultimate Coin. This coin without giving anything away is a magnetic split coin but 1 of the sides of the internal cut is also a coin face, therefore you can show 1 coin as 2 very cleanly. I'm yet to have handled this coin yet, but it does interest me because I own most gaffed coins and do like 1 coin trick - Money well spent (unintentional pun there).

Mr Tango performed some very clean and professional effects using this new coin, coins across, matrix, appearances you name it he performed it. I lie (no bitten coin). He ended on a very cool (expensive effect where he used 8 Tuc's to multiply and ended with 20 coins this effect worked out costing (£400-£480) is it worth is? well I'd suggest trying out one first and see how you get on!

6.5/10 He could have scored more if it was a lecture of other coins and the TUC as I think he's coins are very well made and the ideas he has with some of his other coins excite me.

International Close-up

This featured;
Yigal Mesika, David Penn, John Bannon, Ed Ellis, Banachek & David Williamson.

David Kaplin & Children's Comp

We didn't make it in time for David Kaplan as we were still eating breakfast. If you were there please comment below.

Also none of our group of bloggers are children's magicians so we didn't make it to the children's competition, but I can tell you the results were...third place, Jimmy Carlo, second place went to David Tompkins, and first place to Oscar Munoz.

Saturday's Line Up

Saturday 20 February 2010

Magic at the Ruskin - Ruskin Review

I'm not on Drugs & Diamond Jim Tyler - Video Review

British Magical Championships & Mark Mason Lecture

British Magical Championships
We were in the Baronial Hall, so we saw (in order of appearance);
John van der Putt, Stephen Ablett, Russell Leeds, Min Hyung Kim, Craig Petty (the nicest man in magic), Ian Moran, Rob James, Johan Stahl & Will Gray. The winners were (drum roll please). In third place Putt, Second Stahl, First Kim. Personally Rob James or Craig Petty were much more deserving of third place then Putt.

Mark Mason Lecture
Was... well none us went, I have seen Mark a couple of times and he's great, but Diamond Jim was on at the same time so I opted for that. If you saw Mark's lecture please comment.

Friday 19 February 2010

Juan Mayoral Lecture

Juan is an expert in technological magic. Juan stated with a colour changing silk, using an electrical device situated on his wrist. This device shot the changed silk in the air with loads of confetti, the 2nd barrell contained flash wool to add a bit of flash to vanish the colour changed silk!

The second effect he performed was a small floating beach ball which used a co2 canister strapped to your leg only a 30 second time limit though... unless you have massive trousers.

Calculator mind reading effect - a multiplication effect with a talking calculator silent to the audience but clear in the magicians ear piece.

Juan the performed a remote lighting candle, some lighting thumb tips (Who is the creator of, sorry d'lite... but that's what he told us) and a pee-ing rabbit yes I said a pee-ing rabbit.

Some very clever effects and a good lecture with some funny parts, although a slow start. Seems to be a very nice guy!

He then finished on .... TBC


Mario Morris Street Magic Lecture

Well we need to know from you what happened? Between us none of us managed to see this even though its right up my street. Let us know what happened your thoughts and don't forget to give it your score out of 10.


Our first lecture of the day was Levent, it was a great start to the convention, and due to some sound problems he also started off by rapping.

He went on to discuss his 10 fundimental rules to magic.

Then he showed the following routines;
Diminishing cards, flower silk, salt pour, dye tube, misers dream and some manipulations.

It was a very well presented lecture and seemed very well recieved.

Overall scores from Matt, Geoff & Me was a unanimous 7/10

Friday 19th Feb 2010 Programme

New Programme

Here is the new programme and back for this year! My opinion a billion times better looking!

Matt Parro

Blackpool in less than 39 minutes!

After a splendid breakfast and 2 burnt slices of toast later, we are on our way to Blackpool. We should be in time for the opening of the dealers at 1pm so will see what's hot to buy this Blackpool.

The day in Southport

So it's been quite a long day we arrived and had a walk around town as you can see from a couple of videos down. We grabbed a Subway - Italian BMT for me and then headed back to the hotel for a rest (Or in my case uploading videos to YouTube).

Then it was off to the Greek restaurant for some dinner as you can see in the photo:
L-R - Matt Parro, Max "Power" Curd, Matt Wainwright, Stuart Harley, Geoff Hunt.

While we were there Max showed us a cool effect with a straw check it out below - talented lad!

(BTW I really don't think we will be explaining it but comment anyway and we might tell you where to find out how to do it yourself)

Who is Shadow?

Mr Shadow = Who are you we would like to meet you Mr Commenter!
Reveal yourself anyway we made you this short video!