Friday, 19 February 2010

The day in Southport

So it's been quite a long day we arrived and had a walk around town as you can see from a couple of videos down. We grabbed a Subway - Italian BMT for me and then headed back to the hotel for a rest (Or in my case uploading videos to YouTube).

Then it was off to the Greek restaurant for some dinner as you can see in the photo:
L-R - Matt Parro, Max "Power" Curd, Matt Wainwright, Stuart Harley, Geoff Hunt.

While we were there Max showed us a cool effect with a straw check it out below - talented lad!

(BTW I really don't think we will be explaining it but comment anyway and we might tell you where to find out how to do it yourself)


  1. Nice mate, I picked this up off david penn and craig petty! brilliant!

    See you guys in a while!

  2. very convincing well done.


  3. That uses a fundamental shadow force called staticus. You have attained the power and are using it most wisely Max.

    I am looking forward to being your shadow this afternoon.

  4. Looks clever - a bit more controlled than blowing

  5. Max says: Thanks shadow I'm glad we can be friends, can't wait to see you in person or even just a glimpse of your shadow, your new best friend Max Power Curd!

  6. Hmmm. You've got me confuzzled, young Max.

  7. Good stuff guys. Keep up the good work including the pages from the's like being there for those of us who aren't.
    Gordon Astley.

  8. PS. Like the straw thing. Looking forward to solution