Monday 22 February 2010

Gala Show and Final Thoughts

Sunday Night Gala Show and Final Thoughts in Text and Video.

Matt Parro Video Review:
See and hear Matt get interrupted a thousand times in his chat...

Stuart Harley Video Review:
Coming Soon...

Geoff Hunt Video Review:

Max Curd Video Review:

Matt Wainwright Text Review:

Best bits for me, anything David Williamson did
Q&A with the comediens and the illusionists
The close up sessions in the horseshoe arena
Cirque du magie
Beat the wand
Yigal Mesika lecture
Sessions in the Ruskin!

Items I'm looking forward to getting my teeth into from the dealers: Lee Smiths Step System, The Undercover Wallet from Workers Corner, An Extension Of Me DVD by Eric Jones. Great to actually meet the dealers face to face, and also learn even more from them in the Ruskin in the early hours.

The convention venue was great, a small improvement the organizers could make would be to have a slightly longer gap between the last lecture and the gala shows, this would be very helpful.

Overall I had a great first Blackpool, meeting new friends and catching up with old ones in the Ruskin, as well as all the dealers, lectures and shows.

Overall 8/10
Put me down for next year!
I'm off to bed now.....

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