Sunday 21 February 2010

Intercontinental Magic Championships

This was a show of two halfs.

The first half was the competition, which included; Dave Allen & Carl Charlsworth with private eye/film noir style act. Next was Jung Min Lee with a manipluation act styled with drums. Then Hyung Joom Kim performed a nice manipluation act. Following on from him was Mist who were an illusionist couple. Then last was Sandro Rivoli who started with manipulations then went into the audience for far too long and over acted to a rope routine. The results were; in third came Sandro, second Jung Min then first Hyung.

Our individual scores were;
Dave: G=8, S=6, M=5
Jung: G=9, S=8, M=8
Hyung: G=9, S=9, M=7.5
Mist: G=6, S=6, M=7
Sandro: G=7, S=4, M=2

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