Sunday 21 February 2010

Mr. Tango lecture

This was unfortunately not as good as I had hoped. Tango's lecture was all based on his new gaffed coin the T.U.C - The Ultimate Coin. This coin without giving anything away is a magnetic split coin but 1 of the sides of the internal cut is also a coin face, therefore you can show 1 coin as 2 very cleanly. I'm yet to have handled this coin yet, but it does interest me because I own most gaffed coins and do like 1 coin trick - Money well spent (unintentional pun there).

Mr Tango performed some very clean and professional effects using this new coin, coins across, matrix, appearances you name it he performed it. I lie (no bitten coin). He ended on a very cool (expensive effect where he used 8 Tuc's to multiply and ended with 20 coins this effect worked out costing (£400-£480) is it worth is? well I'd suggest trying out one first and see how you get on!

6.5/10 He could have scored more if it was a lecture of other coins and the TUC as I think he's coins are very well made and the ideas he has with some of his other coins excite me.

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