Saturday 20 February 2010

British Magical Championships & Mark Mason Lecture

British Magical Championships
We were in the Baronial Hall, so we saw (in order of appearance);
John van der Putt, Stephen Ablett, Russell Leeds, Min Hyung Kim, Craig Petty (the nicest man in magic), Ian Moran, Rob James, Johan Stahl & Will Gray. The winners were (drum roll please). In third place Putt, Second Stahl, First Kim. Personally Rob James or Craig Petty were much more deserving of third place then Putt.

Mark Mason Lecture
Was... well none us went, I have seen Mark a couple of times and he's great, but Diamond Jim was on at the same time so I opted for that. If you saw Mark's lecture please comment.

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  1. Father in Law went to the Mark Mason lecture very much looking forward to it and left after 20 minutes as all he saw were demonstrations of tricks Mark was selling on his stall. Mark Mason is a great magician with a unique style and the F-in-L for one felt that if he wanted to see his products he could have stood at his stall or gone to the shop.