Friday 19 February 2010

Juan Mayoral Lecture

Juan is an expert in technological magic. Juan stated with a colour changing silk, using an electrical device situated on his wrist. This device shot the changed silk in the air with loads of confetti, the 2nd barrell contained flash wool to add a bit of flash to vanish the colour changed silk!

The second effect he performed was a small floating beach ball which used a co2 canister strapped to your leg only a 30 second time limit though... unless you have massive trousers.

Calculator mind reading effect - a multiplication effect with a talking calculator silent to the audience but clear in the magicians ear piece.

Juan the performed a remote lighting candle, some lighting thumb tips (Who is the creator of, sorry d'lite... but that's what he told us) and a pee-ing rabbit yes I said a pee-ing rabbit.

Some very clever effects and a good lecture with some funny parts, although a slow start. Seems to be a very nice guy!

He then finished on .... TBC


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