Friday 19 February 2010

Mario Morris Street Magic Lecture

Well we need to know from you what happened? Between us none of us managed to see this even though its right up my street. Let us know what happened your thoughts and don't forget to give it your score out of 10.

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  1. So, it was first lecture i saw on Blackpool 2010. Young guy, traveled around last 10 years if i remember well.
    Take this not like review, but more like notes from lecture.

    This lecture was about Busking. At the beggining he told that name Street Magic is not very lucky choosed for this lecture.
    More on theory than effects, because we all know the stuff.
    Starting with costume, hat, how can hat change overall look and approach. Style of the character.
    How to bring people. Lot of Noize is best solution, especially if audience is doing that noise (applause, shouting).
    How to hold them. Everytime showing what will come for grande finale. Before we have really big crowd, you will see something different. Participation of audience. Use them!
    Tell them through the performance, that they will pay after. You have to ask for money. its nice to use rhyme.
    And finally he told us few jokes, which we can use.
    He have problems with mic, so it was problem for me to understand sometimes(non english borned:) Generally nice lecture, i was missing some more practical things - jokes, licenses, cops, hecklers, situation in different countries etc. maybe next year? imho 7/10